15% off 3 or more candles, use code 3PLUS 15% off 3 or more candles, use code 3PLUS


Old Pine Candle Discounts That Never Go Away

Old Pine Candle Discounts That Never Go Away

We know what it's like to burn through favorite candles fast, giving them to friends, and having enough for all the spaces that glow with them. So, we have ways to help you stock up and save a little cash for your accompanying book and warm drink budgets. Here they are:

Candle Club

Old Pine's candle subscription stands out among the rest for offering so. many. perks. First, it costs just $22 a month, which is $2 less than the regular cost of a candle. Shipping is free (another perk), so your card is charged $22 a month (plus tax), no more. On top of all that, every first shipment comes with a free welcome gift: a wick trimmer that is an essential tool for any candle lover. 

Each month, we pick the Old Pine candles that match the season and give you a sample of the next month's candle. This all helps combat the guesswork of shopping smells from your screen, so Candle Club is perfect for those new to Old Pine. Of course, if you want to choose your candle each month, you can do that too just by emailing our small, candlemaking team.

Old Pine by the Case

Have 'em on hand for easy gifting or just restocking your spaces so you're always surrounded by cozy smells. We offer 20% off 12 or more candles and 25% off 24 or more. That gets you 2+ candles free when you buy by the case, and makes our $5 flat rate shipping an even sweeter deal. Visit our bulk discounts page for the codes. 

Get 15% off 3 or More Candles

Use the code 3PLUS at checkout any time you buy 3 or more candles. We insist. It saves you 15% off your order and lets you try more than one of our mountain-inspired scents (or hey, stick to your favorite, we support that too). If you need some inspiration for building your order of 3 or more candles, check out our seasonal favorites