Self-Care Gift Set

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This simple self-care package is a thoughtful gift from two women-owned Colorado businesses for anyone who needs to take some time for themselves. We have paired a nourishing Milk & Honey Sundance Sea Bathing Salt from Moon Bath with one 9-ounce Old Pine candle of your choice.

The Bathing Salt is a blend of coconut milk, honey and therapeutic minerals from the Sundance Sea and infused with a blend of sustainably sourced frankincense, lavender and bergamot essential oils. It can be used as a moisturizing and exfoliating body scrub in the shower or added to the bath.

The set is nested in crinkle paper in our eco-friendly gift boxes with a book of matches, and tied up with colorful cotton string and a gift tag. If this is a gift, don’t forget to tell us what to say on the gift tag and don't be afraid to write a sweet note to yourself!

We are committed to helping people shine their light. 10% of our profits are donated to a person, charity or organization. Learn more about the Old Pine Promise here.

For a clean and even burn: 

Trim the wick to 1/4" before lighting, every time. This will help prevent soot and smoke (aaaah clean burn).

We recommend creating a "burn pool", the first time you burn your candle. To do this, let the wax melt completely to the edges of the container.  This will prevent tunneling or uneven wax melt. 

Everybody loves a good candle. Old Pine candles will make a lasting impression of warmth on your clients, employees, guests, or any group you want to honor and thank with a gift. 

We offer discounts on orders of candles by the case (12 candles), which may contain any combination of our 9-ounce candles

For 12+ candles use code BULK1220 for 20% off at checkout

For 24+ candles use code BULK2425 for 25% off at checkout.

If you have questions about bulk ordering email us at


1. Place the Candle on an electric or stovetop griddle set to the lowest temperature and allow the remaining wax to melt. 

2. Carefully pour out and dispose of the melted wax or reuse it. Be careful. It will be hot! And never pour wax down the drain. 

3. Pop out the glued down wick with a fork 

4. Clean the entire jar with soap and water. It is not necessary to remove the label. 


1. Place candle in the freezer for 1-2 hours

2. Take the candle out of the freezer and carefully break up wax with a butter knife and pop out the remaining wax. The wax should shrink while being cooled and after broken up into pieces, pop out easily. 

3. Use a fork and a little elbow grease to remove the glued down wick. 

4. Clean the entire jar with soap and water. It is not necessary to remove the label.  

Tip: To get the most out of your candle before you recycle it, always trim your wick to ¼” before each use and burn it down completely. There should be no more than ¼” wax depth left.

Click here to learn more about how to reuse and recyle your jars.