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August Candle of the Month

August Candle of the Month

How is it summer's last hurrah already? Plenty of other retailers will be jumping on the fall-is-coming bandwagon very soon, so we’re taking the reins of the summer-isn’t-over stagecoach with our most glowing candle for the Old Pine Candle Club for the month of August.

We named our amber + moss candle after the warm, earthy stillness that puts the world on pause as the sun stretches across the earth to cast its warm glow on the mountainside because this candle really glows. Amber is a very forward scent, so the earthy scent of moss brings some balance and gives it that mountain-inspired touch we strive for at Old Pine. When you light Alpenglow, imagine warm, summer, sunset views on west-facing slopes. If you are looking for a small but mighty candle to make an impression on visiting guests or fill an extra large room in your home, this is it. A fresh breeze through the open windows is Alpenglow’s perfect companion.

Join the Old Pine Candle Club during the month of August and receive Alpenglow, or another pure soy candle of your choice, along with your free welcome gift. Candle Club shipping is always free, including other one-time purchases you add to your subscription