About Us

Old Pine Candle Company started in a tiny house in Denver when Dani and Ryan were searching for candles to warm their first home. Striving for clean-burning and long-lasting candles that fit their taste for simple, modern scents, they began making their own and did not stop until their perfect candle was poured. The resulting product is a 100-percent American soy wax candle that burns up to 50 hours, in natural scents that inspire relaxation, creativity, self-care, coziness and the trappings of a mountain lifestyle. Old Pine candles are now made in a home studio in the foothills of Evergreen by the couple and their small team of friends. The company is dedicated to environmental sustainability with eco-friendly packaging, community efforts and jar recycling incentives.  

Our values

As Old Pine evolves, we use these guiding principles to stay true to ourselves, our team, our product, and our community:

Authenticity. This means keeping it real, with ourselves, our product and with people we work with. Stay grounded, trust our gut, be gentle, be honest and be straightforward.

Family-focused growth. You won’t see Old Pine grow for the sake of profit or popularity. Our success is determined by the work-life balance of our entire team and their families. When we grow and our business grows with us, that is success.

Supportive team. We value and support each other by being gentle, transparent, and honest.

Quality. We are only as good as the quality of our product, our communication, our relationships and our suppliers. We do our absolute best with each of these aspects of our company, always.

Creativity.  We pledge to have fun, keep experimenting, testing, learning and evolving.

Passion. We check in to make sure we are always passionate about what we do, what we create, and who we work with. We invite others to share in that passion along this journey.

Photos courtesy of Ele Hart