About Us

Danielle and Ryan were raised in the midwest and attended the same university, but they did not meet until a series of adventures brought them to Denver a few years after college. Shortly after they were introduced, Danielle invited Ryan to a concert- just as friends. This friendly, non-date led to many more adventures and, within the year, they celebrated their engagement and moved into their first home, Tiny House. It was here that the pair fostered their curiosity and creativity and began pouring candles for friends and family. They were married on the banks of the St. Vrain and, as the stars came out, they danced under the overhanging trees to their song, “Old Pine.” Danielle and Ryan soon made the beautiful mountain community of Evergreen, CO their home and the Old Pine Candle Company was born.

“Careless and young, free as birds that fly with weightless souls.”


Old Pine Candle Co. is driven by a team of three ladies, a couple dudes, and some shop help.

Photos courtesy of Ele Hart