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August Subscription Candle of the Month

August Subscription Candle of the Month

The Candle of the Month is sent to all of our Old Pine Candle Club members. Learn more about the perks of being a member here.

Those glowing days at the end of summer when the sun streaks hot across the golden grass is the season's final flash before falling into autumn. (Or, you know, dog days.) Likewise, alpenglow is a daily imprint that has a distinguished mood all its own. That's what Alpenglow captures with its forward warmth of amber and grounding, earthy moss. August's candle of the month was picked to help you ride out the final says of summer with something just as memorable. 

New members who join the Old Pine Candle Club in August will receive Alpenglow as well as their free wick trimmer as a welcome gift. Candle Club members save $2 off the regular price of Old Pine pure soy wax candles and get their subscriptions shipped free each month. They can add as many one-time purchases to each month's subscription and still get that free shipping, too! That's all in addition to the special perks, exclusive discounts, and more we give cherished Candle Club members. Subscriptions can be monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly. Join today.