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Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

So, maybe candles are not the most marketed gift for Father’s Day, but we are here to say that good dads love good candles just as much as anyone else. A candle is more than just a gift for the home, garage, or office space. Scents stir up core memories and a sense of place, whether that’s an old favorite cologne worn on special occasions, a lakeside retreat surrounded by soaring pines, or a season when you all spent the best time together. The Old Pine candles below tap into those kinds of memories and are a great gift to send near and afar. We purposefully formulated all of our Old Pine soy candles to be well-balanced and inspired by nature so that, we think, they make the perfect gift for dads on Father’s Day.

Maybe you already know which candle to give the dad in your life. Shop the whole collection here.

If you need some guidance, here are our suggestions for picking the perfect gift for a dad on Father’s Day:

If they like to hike…

Our Evergreen candle is one of our top sellers for bringing you straight to the hiking trails of Old Pine’s home town. It smells like soaring blue spruce pines arching over a cool, shady trail, also reminiscent of a classic piney cologne. Buy Evergreen here.

For a dad who loves a day on the golf course…

Alpenglow is a blend of amber and moss that shines strong like the glow of sunlight on the face of a mountainside. Its scent throw is strong and warm like a golfer on their way to an 8 a.m. tee time. Buy Alpenglow here.

If they like to ski…

Bluebird Day evokes the best days of springtime in the Rockies in a crisp, energizing, bright blend of eucalyptus and jasmine. It’s energizing and joyful like a sunny day on the slopes with the person who taught you how to ski. Buy Bluebird Day here.

If they run on coffee (and/or other fine consumables)…

Wake & Bake is a delightful blend of coffee and cannabis that wraps you up in a big ‘ol bear hug and says “chill.” It’s our foodie-est candle fit for anyone who loves fresh coffee or any other aromatic consumable indulgence. 

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