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February Subscription Candle of the Month

February Subscription Candle of the Month

Old Pine Candle Club members, are you ready for an exclusive? Because we have one: A limited-edition candle. This scent is only available to Candle Club members, and this month only. We hope this special access lets subscribers know how special they are to us and brings value to the membership. You will love the scent, andthe story behind what makes this candle so special, and so limited.

Like the first light of the day, this candle scent is one-of-a-kind, and fleeting. You have to be in the right place at the right time to catch it. And when you do, you will drink it in, every last moment. Morning Light is a blend of cleansing lavender and palo santo, complimentary in their earthiness and balanced in their subtlety. This candle will help you get grounded when you need it and refreshed as it fills your space.

Why this scent is limited

Planet Earth people, this story may sound familiar: With the rise in popularity of palo santo, the harvesting and use of it has become murky, both ethically and environmentally. No, it's not endangered, but it should be sustainably harvested. There are such sources out there, but none yet for a fragrance oil we feel comfortable using in our candles. We know from past test runs that you love this scent, so we poured that last of our oil into this exclusive collection. We hope you can appreciat this decision and its roots in our commitment to sustainability and ethics. If you ever have any questions or concerns about this commitment, please email us at

So if you want it, join the Old Pine Candle Club monthly subscription before the end of the month. It will be your first candle in your monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly subscription.