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Our Favorite Candles for Fall

Our Favorite Candles for Fall

There's more than just one spice blend to get you in the mood for fall. Here are our picks for this autumn season:

Sweater Weather is our answer to the seasonal love of pumpkin spice, but it is different than the rest. We don't want you to get burned out on what you love about fall, so Sweater Weather is a more subtle blend of spicy ginger and clove with sweet cinnamon playing backup. 

Mountain Man is a cool night around the campfire. If you crave a candle outside of the flowers and pine, this is it. A blend of sandalwood, amber, and smoke, with a hint of fresh tobacco, Mountain Man is the perfect backdrop for a cozy night in with a good book and some stew on the stove, or a fall party when you really want to set the mood.

Wake & Bake will surprise you, if you give it a chance. There's no harm in trying this delicious blend of rich coffee balanced with a background of herbal cannabis. (Note: This candle contains absolutely no cannabis or THC.) If you dream of walking through a golden, leaf-strewn college campus to sit the day away in a small-town coffee shop, Wake & Bake will get you there.

Evergreen is our favorite year-round, but it really comes in handy in the fall for bringing the outdoors inside. It fills your home with the smell of misty Rocky Mountain mornings courtesy of blue spruce pines preparing for winter. 

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