Reuse + Recycle

It can take thousands of years for glass and other materials to break down and we see it as our responsibility to minimize and reduce product waste. We prioritize reusing and recycling whenever possible in all areas of our business and personal life. 

Our glass vessels are 100% recyclable, but before you can reuse or recycle them, it is important to properly clean the container after you have finished using the candle. 

Here are two methods we think are effective: 

Low-heat Method: 

  1. Place the Candle on an electric or stovetop griddle set to the lowest temperature and allow the remaining wax to melt. 
  2. Carefully pour out and dispose of the melted wax or reuse it. Be careful. It will be hot! And never pour wax down the drain. (Q: Insert info on wax recycle? Or link to blog on ways to reuse wax?)
  3. Pop out the glued down wick with a fork 
  4. Clean the entire jar with soap and water. It is not necessary to remove the label. 

Heatless Method:

  1. Place candle in the freezer for 1-2 hours
  2. Take the candle out of the freezer and carefully break up wax with a butter knife and pop out the remaining wax. The wax should shrink while being cooled and after broken up into pieces, pop out easily. 
  3. Use a fork and a little elbow grease to remove the glued down wick. 
  4. Clean the entire jar with soap and water. It is not necessary to remove the label.  


  • To get the most out of your candle before you recycle it, always trim your wick to ¼”  before each use and burn it down completely. There should be no more than ¼” wax depth left.

We love seeing all the creative repurposing of our candle jars - from propagating plants, to holding spices, homemade beauty products and even into new gifting containers. You can also reuse the remnant wax left in the container and put in a candle warmer and continue to enjoy.  

(Photos of repurposed jars) 

Show us your creativity! If you repurpose an Old Pine Candle jar, take a picture, post it to social media and tag us. We will celebrate you and send you a discount code for 30% off your next purchase. 

* Recycle: 

All Old Pine Candle glass vessels are 100% recyclable. After you properly clean them, you can just simply add them to your other glass recyclables. You don’t even have to remove the label. Thanks for giving them a new life.

Jar recycling program: 

Bring your cleaned out jars and lids to one of our participating jar recycling stockists and you will receive a same-day credit towards your same day candle purchase in their store. We will reuse them to create our Recycled Candle (link)

Participating Jar Recycling Stockists

Nellybelle (link)

The Perfect Petal (link)
Studio Colfax (link)