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11 Tips For Setting Intentions In the New Moon

11 Tips For Setting Intentions In the New Moon

We are all about living with intention. That is, setting a vision for the future and using it to guide what we do and how we do it. That was part of the reasons behind creating our New Moon candle, which blends the earthy scents of sage and cedar for a soy candle that is perfect for taking time to ground yourself and focus on what you want in your life. 

The new moon, or the time when it disappears from the sky marking the beginning of a new moon cycle, is a common time to set intentions for the next cycle ahead. You don't have to choose this specific time to set your intentions, of course, as long as you pick a regular time that works for you. And having a New Moon candle -- or whichever candle you connect with  -- on hand makes any time you can slow down and light a candle the right time to set intentions.

After much research into intention-setting rituals and the reasons behind them, we compiled this list of 11 tips that we found pretty universal, whether you are setting intentions for the day, the month, or the year.

Tips for intention setting:

  1. An intention is a guiding principle; an attitude or approach to life.
  2. Bringing rituals to intentions strengthens your commitment to its effectiveness.
  3. Find regular time daily, weekly, monthly, or whatever works for you. 
  4. Find a quiet, comfortable space for calm focus and an open mind. 
  5. Initiate your intention-setting by lighting a candle. 
  6. Settle and clear your mind with deep, controlled breathing. 
  7. Writing down your intentions instead of using electronics can minimize distractions.
  8. Accompany your intention with actions that can bring focus and commitment to them.
  9. Close the ritual with words of gratitude.
  10. Don't forget to extinguish your candle!
  11. Revisit intentions regularly, especially when you need a guide or feel uncertain.

Which candle helps you get into that intention-setting mindset? New Moon is an obvious choice, or maybe the soothing scents of our Sundays candle's lavender and vetiver is more your style? Or Alpenglow, a sunny, invigorating amber and moss candle that brings a golden aura to a space. Bluebird Day's sharp, clean, cool scents of eucalyptus can also bring motivational energy and focus to your intention-setting moments. See the entire Old Pine Candle Co. collection to see which one is right for you.