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How We Created Our Newest Candle

How We Created Our Newest Candle

Creating a new candle scent at Old Pine is not as easy as "I like this smell, let's make it a candle." It's more like "Let's make a jigsaw puzzle from scratch." All the pieces have to fit together just right. One of our top priorities is safe, sustainable ingredients, and that limits the oils we use to make a new scent. Formulation takes time. We strive for balance in our candles, so once we land on a scent, we have to find just the right blend with our soy wax for the perfect throw. And of course, there's the Old Pine brand to look after: Scents inspired by the mountains. Will this new candle fit in with the rest of our line?

That's why any collaboration we do has to fit just right within that puzzle, and why we don't say yes to just anything. Oh yeah, and it has to be fun, as that's one of our guiding principals

Jacki Carr is a global motivational speaker and goal coach who helps people climb their own mountains to personal success and fulfillment, and she does it based in the mountains here in our community of Evergreen, Colorado. She's a fellow mountain mama of two and is in a constant, humble conversation with her community about challenges and growth of being a mom, an entrepreneur, and a human. She has also been a dear friend and supporter of Old Pine. When she asked if we wanted to explore a collaboration for Golden Hour, a candle she could share with her community and ours, it was a perfect fit.

So, what does it smell like?

If you've ever felt the air stand still, the sunlight sparkle on every edge, the shadows stretch into their final stance, the birds start their sunset song, and the inspiration to look toward tomorrow, that's the Golden Hour. A blend of oakmoss and spruce, it smells like a cool forest floor and wildflowers in the warm air, using notes of fresh balsam, earthy oakmoss, and subtle gardenia. 

As we enter this time of longer light and summer sun, we invite you to carve out an hour to check in and explore your energy. Grab a journal. Light your candle. And we will see you in the Golden Hour.

When can you get Golden Hour?

Golden Hour started going out to our Old Pine Candle Club members at the beginning of June. If you join the club any time during the month of June, we will send you Golden Hour. You will also get your free Welcome Gift, a wick trimmer, free shipping, and exclusive access to new scents, promotions, and more throughout your membership.

Golden Hour is going to Candle Club members right now in our handwritten label we use for exclusives like this. The new scent launches for public sale in its new label fresh from the printers on June 21, 2021 as we celebrate the Summer Solstice. Follow along with us and Jacki on social media and we build up to the launch with goal setting tips and shares.

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