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Introducing Golden Hour

Introducing Golden Hour

Our newest candle is as beautiful as the story behind it. 

A special collaboration with global speaker and goal coach Jacki Carr, Golden Hour represents a time for you to set goals that light you up. A blend of oakmoss + spruce evokes a cool forest floor with wildflowers in the air using notes of fresh balsam and subtle gardenia. Grab a journal. Light your candle. And we will see you in the Golden Hour.

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Jacki Carr is a motivational speaker and goal coach who helps people find personal success and fulfillment, and she does it based here in our community of Evergreen, Colorado. To count off the number of amazing businesses, ideas, and products that were brought to life by women Jacki has nurtured in their goal-setting - whew! It's a lot of inspiration in our little circle. ⁠⁠She also is a fellow mountain mama of two and is in a constant, humble conversation with her community about challenges and growth of being a mom, an entrepreneur, and a human.

Jacki has been a dear friend and supporter of Old Pine. Her popular Goals Hikes in Evergreen - invigorating experiences when we hit the trails and talk about our dreams - often end with gifts, including our candles. When she asked if we wanted to explore a collaboration for Golden Hour, a special candle she could share with her community and ours, it was a perfect fit. Learn more about the process behind our newest Old Pine candle in our blog post about it.

If you're looking for something to spark your intention-setting and vision for the future, this is it. Follow Jacki and sign up for her emails as she rolls out her inspiring, accessible ways to identify your goals, and use candles and other tools to do it. 

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