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January Subscription Candle of the Month

January Subscription Candle of the Month

What's in store this month for the Old Pine Candle Club subscription:

Any time of the year is a good time for starting afresh, setting new intentions, etc. if it feels right for you. But, there is something about January, in the wake of the busy holiday season, that begs for a deep breath and a gentle reset. For this, we are big fans of setting intentions that help you hit that reset button and look toward goals. (For more on goal-setting, you gotta check out our friend Jacki Carr.) To set intentions, you need a quiet space, a relaxed mood, and some focus. Guess what we recommend to get you into this groove? Yep, this month's candle

New Moon is named for that time of the lunar cycle when the sky goes dark as the earth blocks the sun's light from hitting the moon. It's like the sky is giving us a blank slate, a dark time to look inward and think about what the next cycle brings. The candle's blend of sage and cedar gently sets the tone perfectly for these moments. We also love it for hitting the refresh button any time that's needed: During bath time, bedtime, lazy weekend afternoons, etc.

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