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March Candle of the Month

March Candle of the Month

Spring is around the corner! For most people, that means bright bulbs blooming, tree buds blossoming, and temperatures rising, but here in the mountains, it means snow, snow, and mud. Ski season shines this time of year and gives us those beautiful days of deep, fresh powder and bright blue skies. These days are crisp, exhilarating, and sweet. When we made a candle representing these days, it had to model that refreshing feeling.

March Candle of the Month: Bluebird Day

Bluebird Day is a blend of eucalyptus and jasmine, a sharp freshness balanced by a floral sweetness that hits like a light spray of sparkling snow crystals. Lighting Bluebird Day brings bold brightness and exhilarating energy to your space.

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