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Scent suggestions to help your candle gifting

Scent suggestions to help your candle gifting

We asked our followers on social media: Do you have candle gifting anxiety? That is, you know the person on your gift list would love an Old Pine candle, but you can't decide which scent to get them. Well, we are here for that. We put together a handful of suggestions for scents certain people are bound to appreciate. If you're still stumped, never hesitate to reach out to us at or on social media - we love the challenge!

What to get for....

Your boss: Let's begin by saying that bosses we've talked to insist that gifts form employees are not necessary. But if you just want to give a heartfelt 'thanks' for what they do for you, a candle is a great gift that does that without being "too much." We suggest Summit, pine + citrus, because it's our No. 1 crowd-pleaser, so it's sure to please the person in charge. If you want to be a little extra, give one of our Limited Edition 16 ounce candles in Summit. 

Your in-laws: We suggest a three-pack of 9-ounce candles because you can pick three different scents and they are bound to like at least one of them. We consider that a win. Right now, you can get three of our candles for $55, an 18% discount, by using the code 3455 at checkout. Going back to our crowd-pleasers, those are Evergreen, Summit, and Sweater Weather, a very safe combination for even the most discerning candle lovers. Start building your three-pack here.

The outdoorsy type: We created our Evergreen candle to smell just like our home, a picturesque mountain town west of Denver with the best hiking trails around. So if someone you know loves a good hike, they will love the Evergreen candle. If they have an even more backcountry style or a rougher edge, then we also suggest Mountain Man, a decidedly not-foo-foo blend of sandalwood, amber, and smoke, with a hint of fresh tobacco. 

The ski bum: We made a candle for them. It's called Bluebird Day and it embodies everything about being on those beautiful Colorado slopes on a crisp, sunny, ski day. We think they would also love Summit.

The college kid, and/or the coffee addict: Wake & Bake. We also suggest this for anyone you know who loves the Great British Bakeoff as it is the perfect companion candle to a batch of cookies in the oven. 

The person you would describe as hippie/boho/witchy: Have they ever asked you "What's your sign?" Do they talk about their vision board? Do they own any crystals? Do they wear more than two rings on each hand? Do they like to burn a funny smelling stick in a dish sometimes? That's called palo santo and if you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then this person will love a New Moon candle.

The person who deserves a break: Our Sundays candle is our go-to for self-care, relaxation, quiet time, and general pampering. Give it to someone (Mom) who deserves some of these things, and then make sure they burn it for themselves, and only themselves. 

The baker: We already suggested Wake & Bake for them, but Sweater Weather is perfect, too. It is one of our top-selling scents with a blend of ginger, clove and cinnamon, and always smells like something delicious is in the oven.

The home decorator: If they are proud of their home, then they need an Alpenglow candle to help it shine. This is comparable to our popular Summit candle, but with a little more oomph to its scent throw. The scent blend is amber and moss, a sophisticated candle that fills a room with bright, warm smells that will get noticed.