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The Perfect Candle for Each Holiday During the 2021 Holiday Season

The Perfect Candle for Each Holiday During the 2021 Holiday Season

When someone mentions the holiday season, it’s hard not to immediately imagine baked goods, soft sweaters, and spending time with the people you love. This holiday season we will gather, celebrate, and enjoy our time with one another. Who wouldn’t want to keep those kinds of memories close?

We know last holiday season didn’t go quite like anyone expected. We’re here to make sure this holiday season is one you can look back on fondly, and easily. Did you know that smells can help recall memories that would otherwise never be recalled? If you want to make a lasting memory this holiday season, consider some of our luxury candles. Burn these candles during your gatherings, or when you’re alone, to help solidify the memory. When you’re ready to go back to the holiday season, you can always burn the candle to relive those special moments. 

The Best Candle to Burn on the First Day of Fall

On Wednesday, September 22nd we will welcome in a new season. While summer can be hard for some of us to let go of, fall does bring about a new energy. To celebrate the shift in seasons, we recommend Mountain Man. It’s the perfect candle to set the autumn mood. Mountain Man has notes of sandalwood, amber, and smoke. The smells come together in an unexpected way, filling your nostrils with a toasty smell. It will leave your home full of warmth with hints of what’s to come this harvest season. 

The Best Candle to Burn on Halloween 

On Sunday, October 31st everyone has an opportunity to be anyone they want to be! This haunting holiday showcases costumes, candy, and spooky fun. If you’re throwing a party or simply watching a scary movie at home this Halloween, we recommend our candle Wake and Bake. This candle is the perfect blend of, you guessed it, coffee and cannabis. So whether you need a coffee pick me to take your kids trick-or-treating, or are planning to stay home and hand out candy, this candle has your day covered. 

The Best Candle to Burn on Thanksgiving 

At Thanksgiving, everyone gathers around a table with family and friends to celebrate the harvest season. There are many times throughout Thanksgiving for you to burn a candle and create a memory. You can burn one of our candles while you’re preparing food in the kitchen. An Old Pine Candle can help commemorate the win (or loss) of a Thanksgiving football game. Or you can light a candle when dinner ends, in the sweet space where everyone is full from dinner but excited for dessert. For this holiday, be sure to have a Sweater Weather candle on hand. The thing that we love most about sweater weather is, unlike many fall candles, it’s not too sweet. Rather than leaning into a sugary, pumpkin spice latte smell, we’ve blended ginger, cloves, and cinnamon. The effect is a warm, cinnamon forward, and earthy smell. It’s the perfect candle for after your meal to get excited for dessert. 

The Best Candle to Burn on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is a holiday that’s full of unique traditions, often to your own family. You may be the type of family or person that opens one or two presents on the night of Christmas Eve. You might go caroling with family and friends around your neighborhood. You might read a special Christmas book and watch for Santa. Perhaps you decorate Christmas cookies and watch The Grinch. No matter what your tradition is, start a new tradition of burning our candle Summit during your family’s unique traditions. Summit is a candle that’s crisp, refreshing and enhances the Christmas excitement. It’s a celebratory candle that will make you feel on top of the world. Summit is the perfect blend of citrus and pine to carry you through to Christmas day. 

The Best Candle to Burn on Christmas Day 

Christmas morning is a special time for so many people. Whether you got a puppy, a bike, or an amazing toy - there’s always been something special about Christmas morning.  The first thing you should do when you wake up on Christmas morning is sneak downstairs and light our Evergreen candle. The Old Pine Evergreen candle smells like the Colorado mountain town where we pour our candles, a community surrounded by blue spruce trees. Whether you have a real Christmas tree or a fake tree, your home will fill with the smell of a forest. This candle can add just the right amount of magic to the morning. You’ll think of these holiday moments each time you find yourself near a blue spruce. Picture your childrens’ faces in the years to come, when they catch a wisp of blue spruce and remind you of this magical Christmas morning you created. 

Speaking of Christmas… Did we mention we have a surprise coming this winter? It’s a special scent for all of our holiday candle lovers - a limited edition smell for winter of 2021. It’s a scent you don’t want to miss. We’re running it as a small batch, so there will be limited candles available. Make sure you don’t miss out and sign up for our email list to be the first to know what the scent is and when it’s available.  

The Best Candle to Burn on the Winter Solstice

The combination of eucalyptus and jasmine are the perfect combo for a change of seasons. When the winter solstice arrives on December 21st, we will signify fall’s departure and will enter the coldest months of the year. Prepare for and celebrate this shift of seasons by burning our Bluebird Day candle. Eucalyptus smells amazing. Enjoy a smell that clears your sinuses and allows you to breathe easier. The mix of fresh, floral and calming is the perfect way to welcome a new season. 

The Best Candle to Burn on New Year’s Eve

The celebration of the end of the year is often characterized with evening parties, fancy outfits and a countdown to the New Year. As we prepare ourselves for the next year, we recommend our candle New Moon. It’s versatile enough to burn while you’re getting ready for a New Year’s Eve party, but can also be burned during a quiet night at home with the people you love most. The candle is a mix of sage and cedarwood. It’s herbaceous and woodsy in the best possible ways. We picked sage to heal and cleanse, allowing you to leave this year’s hardships behind. Cedarwood is to comfort and elevate you as you head into this next year of life. 

The Best Candle to Burn on New Year’s Day

A new year can often bring a giddy feeling to many of us. The world feels more alive with possibilities, hope, and excitement. At the beginning of the year we believe we can make the changes we want to make and be the people we want to be. Celebrate your New Year’s Day with our collaboration candle, Golden Hour. Golden Hour smells of oakmoss and spruce. You’ll find it refreshing, robust and grounding. This luxury candle was created with global speaker Jacki Carr. With this candle, we aimed to capture the times of life that light people up inside. Burn this candle throughout 2022. It will help you remember your intentions, hope, and optimism at the beginning of the year. 

What about Kwanzaa and Hanukkah?

Kwanzaa’s and Hanukkuh’s religious value of candles is important for us to note. We felt it would be a little insensitive to include our candles as something that should be celebrated on those significant holidays. We would never want to imply our candles could replace or fill in for religiously significant candles. If you do celebrate one of these holidays and feel like one of our Old Pine Candles captures the spirit of Kwanzaa or Hanukkah, tell us which one and why in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you. 

Celebrate your Holiday Season with these Holiday Candle Scents

The best part of these holiday candle scents is how special each one is and the memories they have the opportunity to capture. Burning an Old Pine Candle can seal a memory to be re-awakened when you burn the candle again. We have the perfect candle for every holiday candle scent you’re trying to capture. Each one also makes a great holiday gift. Buy one of these candles for yourself or someone else to celebrate the upcoming holiday season. You’ll be giving them so much more than a candle, but rather a unique stamp in time of this holiday season.