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October Candle of the Month

October Candle of the Month

October brings darker days, full on fall, and the holiday indulgence preseason. We hope you do indulge in the way that makes you happy! And when you're looking for a satisfying alternative to those little treats that pop up in every bowl throughout the month, we think we have one in this month's Old Pine Candle Club subscription.

October Candle of the Month: Wake & Bake

Wake & Bake carries the delicious sweet smell of coffee with a little hint of something earthy, herby, and slightly musky... yeah, it's weed. It's cannabis*, actually, because as Grandma always says, "It's only a weed if you don't want it there." And in this case, you want it there for a satisfying balance that screams fall semester, lazy weekends, trails of intermingling steam and smoke, and freshly baked treats. If you crave candles inspired by baked goods and coffee shop drinks, but appreciate a sophisticated blend that's not all sweetness, you will love Wake & Bake.

*Just a reminder: Wake & Bake DOES NOT contain cannabis or any cannabis-derived products. The cannabis fragrance comes solely from premium synthetic fragrance oils (that, by the way, are free of phthalates, dyes, and preservatives).

Join the Old Pine Candle Club candle subscription in October and receive a 9 oz Wake & Bake candle, plus a free wick trimmer as a welcome gift.