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Introducing Our New Holiday Candle

Introducing Our New Holiday Candle

It's safe to say we are more excited than a dog under the dinner table at Thanksgiving. Our newest candle has launched for the holiday season! Winter Fir brings freshly cut boughs in from the cold with a blend of crisp, green fir needles and woodsy balsam pine.

We know the power of scent to stir cherished memories, especially those particular to the holidays. Our new holiday scent Winter Fir is no exception. Remember the smell of the freshly cut Christmas tree bouncing in the back of the station wagon? This is it.

We sent some free sample tea lights along with orders placed in October and one candle lover reached out to tell us:

"...the sample of Winter Fir is AMAZING. ... I could literally burn this 24/7!!" 

We've poured Winter Fir for gift-giving and home-warming this winter holiday season in these sizes:

Winter Fir will be available at certain stockists this holiday season. Make sure you are following us on Instagram and Facebook for that info. For our online shop, we have poured a limited number of each option for the winter gift-giving season, so if you're craving this candle and its fresh-cut smell, don't wait. 

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