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10 Holiday Candles to Pair with Your Favorite Christmas Movie

10 Holiday Candles to Pair with Your Favorite Christmas Movie

The winter holidays are upon us. When the weather gets cold, curl up with a cup of hot cocoa or tea, light an Old Pine candle, grab some warm, soft blankets, and settle in for a movie night. Rewatching classic Christmas movies is one of our favorite past times at Old Pine during the holiday season. We’re excited to share our favorite candles to burn with 10 holiday classics! Get ready to elevate your Christmas movie watching traditions with our luxury candles.

The Family Stone 

Is there anything more complicated than trying to join a new family? You don’t want to say the wrong thing. You want to impress everyone. You also want to leave on a good note and be liked. It’s not always easy! But, it is easy to enjoy someone else stumbling through it. While Sarah Jessica Parker and Rachel McAdams don’t agree on much in The Family Stone, we think they’d both love our specialty holiday candle, Winter Fir. It’s balsam pine and fir needle blend is exactly what we picture Diane Keaton’s home smelling like. Snuggle into the smell of freshly cut boughs and get ready to meet your in-laws. 

The Holiday

Capture a little bit of London and a little bit of Los Angeles in our candle, Golden Hour, a blend of oakmoss and spruce. We wish we could give you all the perfect home shakeup that leads to a fun and quirky romance. Instead, we’ve mixed up a candle to make you feel rejuvenated, alive, and focused on self care. This candle is a collaboration with our good friend and goal coach Jacki Carr to inspire even those downest in the dumps that the story has a happy ending.  


Scrooged is a modern retelling of A Christmas Carol that reveals the surprising nature of its star Bill Murray, and we can’t think of a better candle to pair with that than our Recycled Candle. Our Recycled Candles are poured in jars that have been returned to us as a sustainability practice. (Some of our beloved stockists give credit towards a purchase to the candle owners who return the jars!) The scent is a studio blend made with wax leftover from regular production; it has subtle hint of our collection of signature scents. The result  is a candle as surprising as the events that unfold when the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future show up at your door. 


Buddy loves treats and so do we, so we created a candle that blends two of Colorado's favorites. Get ready to give Santa a little extra Christmas magic with our candle Wake and Bake. This candle gives off hints of New York with the coffee scent, and hints of the mail room with a cannabis smell. So go ahead and jam your cookies into your old VCR, just make sure you have the perfect candle before you do. 

The Grinch

In case you’re unfamiliar with the story of The Grinch, he does everything he can to ruin Christmas. By the end, his heart finally grows and he celebrates the season with the Whos. In honor of the Grinch’s ability to turn over a new leaf, we recommend our candle New Moon. It’s reminiscent of the hillside he lives on, with a mix of sage and cedarwood. Light up this candle and watch the transformation begin! 

Miracle on 34th Street

Ready to cry your eyes out no matter which version of Miracle on 34th Street you’re watching? What, is it just us tearing up every time?! Regardless of if you can or can’t hold your tears, we recommend filling the room with our candle Sweater Weathera well-balanced blend of cinnamon, ginger, and clove. It is as classic as this beloved story, yet versatile enough to match a fancy New York apartment or the courtroom. Sweater Weather will see you through Santa’s verdict. 

The Polar Express

Set off for the North Pole on the Polar Express with Summit. As the train goes rumbling down the tracks, feel the cold air in your lungs with the crisp blend of pine and citrus. It will transport you straight to Santa’s workshop. Maybe each time you smell it after that, you’ll believe in Christmas magic again, too. 

It’s a Wonderful Life

When we have a bluebird day up in the mountains of Colorado, the air is sharp and clear. The sun is shining and the sky is radiating blue. We captured the feeling of a sunny, bright day in our candle Bluebird Day. The candle combines jasmine and eucalyptus in a soothing and warming way, much the same way we feel at the end of It’s a Wonderful Life. The meaning of this film is to be happy with what you have and grateful for your life. We feel the same way each and every bluebird day. 

Last Holiday

Remember the moment in the Last Holiday where Queen Latifa gets to The Grandhotel Pupp? She exits the helicopter, surrounded by cold mountain air. We picture the first thing she smells when she opens that door is the smell of our Evergreen candle. For us, this candle captures the Colorado mountain town where we pour our candles. But at the same time, it has a strong right-outside-The-Grandhotel-Pupp vibes. Experience this moment with her when you watch the film and burn this candle at the same time. 

Why an Old Pine Candle is the Perfect Candle for your Holiday Season

If you’ve never tried an Old Pine candle before, there’s a couple of things we need you to know. Our candle making shop was created by a couple looking to find simple and modern scents to fill their first home. All of our candles are 100% American grown soy wax, that burn up to 45+ hours. That’s a lot of holiday movies! We’re also dedicated to environmental sustainability. We use eco-friendly packaging, participate in community sustainability efforts, and host a recycled jar incentive. 

Lastly, we love being a part of the big and little moments in your life. We would love to celebrate this holiday, and the holidays to come, with you. It is a gift to be welcomed into your home, especially during such a memorable season. Be sure to order your perfect holiday candle pairing for your favorite Christmas movie before this Christmas passes us by. 

Pro tip: Order one or two of our candles ahead of time in case the temperatures drop or you’re snowed in! You can save 15% off your order when you buy three or more and use the code 3PLUS at checkout. Or gift one of our candles, some popcorn, and someone’s favorite snack to them this holiday season. In the card, mention which movie this gift pairs best with! It’s a gift they're guaranteed to love.