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The Perks of Being a Club Member

The Perks of Being a Club Member

The Old Pine Candle Club is our monthly candle subscription that keeps candle lovers stocked with a curated Old Pine candle each month (or every 2 or 3 months, you choose). It comes with standard perks of free shipping and a welcome gift, like our ceramic matchstick vessel handmade for us by Colorado-based Less Is More Ceramics. But it also comes with special surprises we like to sprinkle throughout the year, like this one: For February, all Candle Club members and only Candle Club members will receive our brand new limited edition scent as their candle of the month.

We know you'll love this scent, a special blend of some of our favorite smells. Only our Candle Club members will know what it is this month, so you could ask one of them to fill you in, or join yourself any time before the end of February!

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