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January Candle of the Month

January Candle of the Month

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For January 2021, we all deserve some pampering and refreshing practices. For many of us, 2020 brought stress, heartache, frustration, loss, grief, and all of the above. We know this cannot simply be erased by the turn of a calendar page. But we are trying to make January a little source of comfort, when we can shed some of the stress. The Sundays candle was made for this. The characteristically calming notes of lavender are balanced with the green freshness of vetiver for a truly relaxing candle. Set it at your bedside or your bath to sooth as you cozy up, clutch a cup of tea, journal, read, or just binge watch something that gives your mind some peace and refreshment. 

The Candle of the Month goes out to Old Pine Candle Club members. Learn more and join us here.