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Tutorials for Cleaning Your Candle Jars

Tutorials for Cleaning Your Candle Jars

Old Pine knows a thing or two about cleaning and repurposing candle jars and candle vessels. It's been three years since we launched our Recycled Candle made using reclaimed Old Pine Candle jars from our candle-loving community. It started with a jar collection program that's still going, and even offers credit toward new candles. We collected a lot of jars! And as we started cleaning them, we started learning.

Whether you want to repurpose your candle jars or just recycle them, you need to remove the residual wax and wicks. Old Pine Candles were formulated to burn evenly and leave just 1/4" of wax at the bottom when they have been properly burned (that's where Candle Care comes in!) There are a few ways to get this small amount of wax out of the jar and we have found our favorite, which Old Pine production manager Susan shows in this video:

After you remove the wax and wick, your Old Pine Candle jar is ready to be recycled or taken in to one of our jar collection sites. If you want to repurpose the jar, you'll probably want to remove the label. In this video, Susan shares her hack for doing that: 


Old Pine's Recycled Candle is poured into reclaimed candle jars using wax leftover from regular production. With each batch of candles we pour, a little wax is leftover or dripped into a bucket from our wax melter. This is the clean, pure soy wax we use to pour our Recycled Candle. It is a subtle blend that smells like a little but of every candle, just like the Old Pine Studio. It's great for burning alongside other Old Pine candles or when you want the glow without the smell of a scented candles. We sell Recycled Candles for a few dollars less than our other custom-blended candles. Buy a Recycled Candle here.